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Immagina Viaggiare


Client: Immagina Viaggiare
Services: Brand Identity

01. About

Immagina Viaggiare is a new Travel Blog that tells the story of two Italian adventurers around the world! A personal inspiring blog thing to help travelers, telling their story. Their passion for travel was born after their first road trip in Europe in 2008. Their idea is to visit more places with reduced times and costs. They try to provide advice and useful information to travelers.

Visited Places

02. Branding

The idea for the logo is from a simple circle representing the world, which develops within other shapes such as the sun, the moon, the wind, the mountains to represent the whole nature. The plane in the center as it closes the rim, with a very original logotype. The whole picture now reflects the idea and values ​​of this blog. After couple of sketches we came out with this logo design.

Thanks to @flaviamoretti_
for logo and #design.

Immagina Viaggiare-01
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